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Kids Baby Carrier

My oldest kiddo, soon to be 5 years, has always loved playing with her baby dolls and lately has wanted all the accessories for them. We're talking cradle, stroller, shopping cart, car seat, all of it. Well like most parents we aren't made of money so of course I turn to my crafty side to… Continue reading Kids Baby Carrier

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Just another Monday 

Today feels more like a Tuesday. Mainly because yesterday was THE MOST Monday-est Sunday ever. My husband was called into work all day and the kids were... well they were kids. Three destructive whirlwinds of energy!  With the hubs called into work I got to try my hand at slow grilling some ribs! Not smoked,… Continue reading Just another Monday 

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Royal Playtime Robe

Ok that name is a mouthful, but I am not the best at naming things. Despite the name this robe is adorable! I made it for a spunky little girl who has basically become an extra spawn of mine. Shes sweet, shes sassy, and she knows it! However it is a birthday present for her… Continue reading Royal Playtime Robe