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New year, new house, new hat!

We flung ourselves into the new year with a huge move from our home of 3 years in Sicily, Italy, to Evans, GA! Quite a culture change for sure, but we are absolutely loving the area and being back home near family! Being the crazy people that we are, we went through the home building… Continue reading New year, new house, new hat!

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Basically Bead-y Chunky Cowl

Two back to back posts form me?! What?! Who is this girl and why is she writing on my blog and getting things done!? Let's leave it at I've had a decent amount of coffee and call it a day 😉 After writing up the tutorial for The Bead Stitch, I got to thinking that I… Continue reading Basically Bead-y Chunky Cowl

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Rosey Days Pillow Sham

I have developed this habit of buying pillow forms every time we make a trip to IKEA. What can I say, I love throw pillows! Few things are better than snuggling up on a comfy couch surround by squishy softness. So after learning about the Linked Double Crochet stitch it hit me that it would be perfect… Continue reading Rosey Days Pillow Sham

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Royal Playtime Robe

Ok that name is a mouthful, but I am not the best at naming things. Despite the name this robe is adorable! I made it for a spunky little girl who has basically become an extra spawn of mine. Shes sweet, shes sassy, and she knows it! However it is a birthday present for her… Continue reading Royal Playtime Robe