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Pumpkin Earrings

Phew! Once again it has been quite a while since I have written out a pattern or blog post, but I am really working on being more consistent with sharing content and what I’ve been up too! So I have been making a TON of these cute little pumpkins this season! They are really just so adorably small. Not only are they great for earrings, but you could also turn them into a key chain or even a cute tiny pumpkin garland! My kids also enjoy playing with them as toys for their toys lol

This pattern is written to show you how I made them into earrings, but if you’d like you can stop after assembling and do whatever you want with your tiny pumpkin stash! You can also use another weight yarn and larger hook to make any size pumpkin you wish, they just wont quite work as earrings then. Lets get started!



  • Yarn – Aunt Lydia’s Classic 10 crochet thread in Pumpkin and Mint Green
  • Hook- 1.5 mm
  • Small amount of stuffing
  • 7 mm jump rings – 4
  • fish hook style earring findings – 2
  • seed beads in your choice of color – 4
  • scissors and a small tapestry needle
  • jewelry pliers


ch- chain, sl st- slip stitch, sc- single crochet, hdc- half double crochet, blo- back loop only


Pumpkin body is worked in a flat rectangle and then seamed on one side. Vine is made in one piece and then sewed onto the pumpkin top. Ch 1 at beginning of rows does not count as a stitch.

Pumpkin body:

With orange thread, leave a decent tail at the start of your ch, it will be used to close one side of the pumpkin

Row 1 ch 11, 1 hdc in the second ch from hook, and then into each ch across, turn (10 hdc)

Row 2 – 12 ch1, hdc in blo of each stitch across, turn

Fold the rectangle in half and seam the two sides together, leave a good sized tail at the end because it will be used to close the hole and to create the pumpkin “bumps” .

You should be left with two tails from the beginning and end of the rectangle. Take the shorter tail and weave it down to the opposite side, then loop through around the edges to pull the end closed, I like to add a knot here and then weave in the tail. Stuff pumpkin with enough poly fill to keep its shape, but do not pack it tightly.

Take the longer tail and repeat the process on the top end but do not weave in just yet! Use this tail to criss cross around the pumpkin to create the “bumps” of the pumpkin, I like to do this about 3 times around (you can skip the pumpkin ridges if you like and just weave in your end here). Secure with a knot / extra end weaving and poke the tail into the pumpkin, pull tight and cut so the thread pops into the body.


With mint green yarn

Row 1 ch 7, 3 sc in the second ch from hook, 3 sc in each of the next 5 chs, do not turn or fasten off (18 sc)

Row 2 repeat row 1 and then sl st into the last sc of row 1, fasten off leaving a tail for sewing onto the pumpkin top

Weave in first tail, then use the other end to attach onto the top of your pumpkin.

Finished pumpkin

To make them into earrings, use your pliers to open a 7 mm jump ring and attach it to the top of the pumpkin. I like to get it under the vine at the middle. Attach your next jump ring to the first and string on 1 bead, then the earring, then another bead. Close jump ring with pliers.

And voila! You’ve just made yourself, or someone, a super cute pair of seasonal earrings! I’m excited to wear mine now that it’s October! Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Lauren

©WaywardCatCreations 2017-2020 All rights reserved. You may create and sell items made from my pattern, but do not copy as your own. Please link back to my pattern when selling online. Thank you!


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