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Snowscape Snowflake

I started working nights back in August. It’s been a huge adjustment for my family and I, being especially hard on the kids who are used to me always being there. This little fledgling blog of mine once again took a back seat to life happening. It’s just an all-around crazy time of year! Back to school, then back to back holidays, seriously who gets anything done?! *I totally admire all the productive people!

Evening / night time also happens to be my crochet time. When the kids are asleep, and the house is (mostly) clean, I can crochet and chill. So, it has been a bummer to lose my most self-productive time of the day. I do try to stay up later but I need sleep! Especially when none of our precious 3 children sleep through the night. *insert MASSIVE eye-roll* Please don’t offer me sleep suggestions for kids either, trust me when I say we have tried them all.
Anyways! Got a little sidetracked there. This post is for a quick pattern I came up with in the carpool lane. Which incidentally has become my new most productive crochet time, ha! Just 6 rows long and you’ll have an easy last-minute Holiday gift, string up a garland, or try with different yarn and hook sizes to create a collage of snowflakes! Now that is a project I have been wanting to do! I LOVE yarn wall art! Like this one here at Red

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  • Any worsted weight yarn in white *or any yarn/color really, just change your hook size accordingly
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • sparkly mod podge  *you can use regular mod podge, or any preferred method to stiffen & block your snowflake 


Pattern is worked in the round, ch 1 does not count as a stitch. Snowflakes are blocked when finished by dipping into watered down mod podge and pining flat to dry. You can also use starch to stiffen or a quick google search will lead you to lots of options on blocking and setting your final work.

Here the snowflake is pinned at the points to set the shape after being dipped in sparkly mod podge.

Terms used:

Ch- chain, mr – magic ring, sc- single crochet, hdc- half double crochet, dc- double crochet, tr- treble crochet, sl st- slip stitch

fpsc- front post single crochet

Triple Picot- ch 3, sl st into first ch, rep twice and sl st into begging sl st


Row 1: make a mr or ch 4 and sl st to make a circle, ch 1, 12 sc inside the circle, sl st to first sc

Row 2: ch 1, sc in the same st, *ch 3, skip next st, sc in next*, rep from *around, sl st to first sc (6 ch 3 loops and 6 sc)

Row 3: sl st into first ch 3 loop, ch 1 and sc in the same loop, *ch 5, sc into next ch 3 loop*, rep from * around, sl st to first sc (6 ch 5 loops and 6 sc)

Row 4: sc into first ch 5 loop, in the same loop (hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc), sl st into next sc,      *(sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc) into ch 5 loop, sl st into next sc* rep from * around, sl st into last sc from row 3 (6 shells made with 6 sl st)

Row 5: ch 1, *fpsc around sc from row 3, ch 5, skip next 3 st, sc into tr st, ch 5, skip next 3 st*, rep from * around, sl st to first fpsc (12 ch 5, 6 fp sc, 6 sc)

Row 6: *ch 5, sl st into next sc (the one in the tr st), make a triple picot, ch 5, sl st into fpsc*, rep from * around, sl st into the last fp sc, tie off and weave in ends (12 ch 5, 6 triple picots, 6 sl st) 

Now make as many as you’d like and make sure to block and set them with your preferred stiffening method so that they keep their shape. Otherwise they will just curl up. Use left over yarn to make ties to hang as an ornament, or some holiday colored ribbon! I have been working on a garland myself. Maybe it will be done in time for next year, lol!

❤ Lauren

©WaywardCatCreations2017-2018 All rights reserved. You may create and sell items made from my pattern, but do not copy as your own. Please link back to my pattern when selling online. Thank you!




3 thoughts on “Snowscape Snowflake

  1. I love this!! Maybe sometime I’ll be brave and try something more difficult like this than the easy things I’ve been doing. ❤


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