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Cold Office Wrap

We’ve been a bit busy around here lately. Wonderful friends that we made in Sicily have also moved back to the states, and we were able to host some of the BEST people I know at our house in the past two weeks. I feel extremely lucky to have met such awesome people who will pick up right where we all left off, as if we all didn’t recently have crazy military moves! Lots of good food and conversations with adults is so refreshing.

So! Here it is,  a beautiful wrap pattern to go with my last blog post about Paired Double Crochet! This shawl was originally made for my sister as a super belated Mother’s Day gift. I had trouble deciding on a pattern, as we do, and finally just whipped something up myself and learned a new stitch in the process! It is named after its purpose, to keep my sister from freezing in her cold office work environment. But of course this will be lovely to wear around when the weather turns cool!

This pattern is very simple and beginner friendly. An easy two row repeat! Perfect for binge watching your favorite show. You don’t even need to keep count of your stitches 😉

You can use whatever yarn / hook you’d like as this is an asymmetrical  design allowing you to make it as big or small as you’d prefer. I do however recommend using a lighter weight yarn. I used Scheepjes Whirl in Blueberry Bam Bam.

*Above is not an affiliate link, I just happen to love their yarn and want to make it easy to find. 




Ch 3 always counts as a stitch, ch 1 does not, see my post about Paired Double Crochet for an overview of this stitch. Increases happen at the start of every other row (the paired double crochet rows). Final work will curl if using suggested yarn / hook, blocking after completion is ideal.

Terms used:

Ch- chain, st- stitch, sc- single crochet, pdc- paired double crochet


Row 1: Ch 4, 1 pdc in the 4th ch from hook, ch 1, turn (2)

Row 2: sc in same st as ch 1, and in the next st, ch 3, turn (2)


Row 3: 1 pdc in the same st as ch 3, pdc across each st to end of row, ch 1, turn (3)

Row 4: sc in the same st as ch 1, sc in the next 2 st, ch 3, turn (3)

Now you just repeat rows 3 & 4 until you are at the size you want! Told ya this was super simple 😉 ❤

DSC_0196As you can see the increases are very gradual. It is only one increase every other row. Feel free to play around with this! Add an extra pdc at the start of your rows, or an extra sc at the end of your sc rows. Just make sure to keep increases on one side to keep the asymmetrical shape.








I really hope you enjoy this pattern. It truly fits the bill for mindless crochet! And despite the slow increases, the simplicity of this pattern means that it works up FAST! You’ll be done before you know it and deep into a new TV series, lol!

❤ Lauren

©WaywardCatCreations2017-2018 All rights reserved. You may create and sell items made from my pattern, but do not copy as your own. Please link back to my pattern when selling online. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Cold Office Wrap

  1. I am working on this pattern but just curious as to how big your finished shawl was. The pattern is very calming to work on so perfect for endless meetings of my organization.


    1. That’s so good to hear! It was such a great pattern to be able to pick up and put back down with little kids interrupting lol.

      Unfortunately, and this is completely my fault, I forgot measure the end result before mailing it off to my sister. I have started on another and will update this post when it is finished.


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