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Paired Double Crochet

It has been a hot minute since I have written a stitch tutorial! This will actually be only my 3rd one, but I know how helpful they can be, especially when it isn’t one of the more common stitches out there and I am about to publish a pattern that uses it. Pattern and stitch guide all in one place!

Here is is a little sneak peak 😉

*update to include pattern link: Cold Office Wrap37668719_10156113949294017_5164125856162906112_n

Anyways! If you can decrease in double crochet, this stitch will be a breeze! I love how simple it is and that it works with ANY stitch count! That is always a huge win in my book! Easily mix it with other stitches, or use it alone. This will be a wonderful addition to your skill set 🙂


Chain 3 always counts as a stitch


ch- chain, sc – single crochet, dc- double crochet, yo- yarn over, pdc- paired double crochet

To start I have made a single crochet row of 10 (ch 11 and sc in the 2nd ch from hook).  I find it easier to work into a row of sc versus starting into the chain itself. However, if you’d prefer to skip the sc, you can make a ch of 10+3, with your first stitch into the 4th ch from you hook. *In the first picture you can see what paired dc looks like. I had trouble getting this yarn to lay flat for pictures with just the first sc row. 

So! First row! Ch 3, yo and insert hook into same stitch as ch3, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops, (part of a dc made). Now yo, insert hook into next stitch, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops. You should have two halves of dc on your hook, 3 loops, just like you are decreasing in dc!


To close, yo and pull through all 3 loops on your hook.  The main difference with this stitch is that your “decrease” happens into the stitch you are currently working in and then into the next stitch. This offsets the decease part and keeps your stitch count even! So for your next pdc you will be working half of a dc into the same stitch as your last, and then into the next stitch.



Continue working pdc all the way into the last stitch, ch 3 and turn. Now on your second row make sure to start by working into the same stitch as the ch 3, and at the end of the row your last half of the pdc will be worked into the top of the ch 3 from the previous row.



It may look a little wonky at first, but I promise you will have straight edges!


If you want to actually decrease with this stitch, just work it as a normal dc decrease over two stitches. If you need to increase, work one pdc + half in the same stitch. And that’s it! Super simple right? This stitch would work well with any yarn or hook size and it has a wonderful drape and texture. Play around with colors and mixing this stitch with your other favorites! I’d love to see what you come up with! Use #waywardcatcreations across social media to show off your work!

If this tutorial wasn’t very clear to you or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me or comment on this post and I will do my best to help you out 🙂

Happy hookin’

❤ Lauren


6 thoughts on “Paired Double Crochet

  1. I’ve been working on how you do you paired double crochet and like this better then some if I seen.
    The only issue I seem to have is that my work wants to curl at the end instead of lying flat.
    You thoughts and suggestions would be wonderful.
    Happy Crocheting


    1. Maybe try to loosen your tension at the edge stitches, or play with hook sizes so it’s not as tight. I would block the finish project if you’re still having trouble getting them to lay flat. Hope this helps!


  2. Hi. Isn’t this the same as cluster dc/linked dc? For me it looks like a cluster st or am I wrong? Please correct me if I am. I liked the Cold office wrap and plan to make it. Thanks for the pattern and the effort you took to make this tutorial.


    1. A cluster would be a few dc done together, like say 5 dc worked as if your decreasing then finished off all together. Linked dc is exactly the same thing as what I have shown here. I hope you enjoy the cold office wrap pattern! 🙂


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