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C2C Swiffer Pad

I had been wanting to play around with Red Heart scrubby yarn for ages and a few weeks ago I went to town making swiffer pads with it! The scrubby yarn is also fantastic for, as the name suggests, scrubbies haha, and also dish cloths / body cloths for the shower. I am just all around a big fan of this yarn! It can be a complete pain to work with though, but I discovered that with C2C its not so bad.

This pattern works up fairly quickly depending on your skill level and amount of toddlers in your house. Let’s get to it! 

Swiffer pad


•5mm H hook
•Tapestry needle
•Red heart scrubby cotton yarn – 3oz/85g, 78yds/71m (Yarn Bee from hobby lobby also has their Scrub-ology cotton)
•Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn (or similar worsted weight cotton)– 2oz/56.7g,95yds/86m

*Careful when buying your scrubby yarn! They are made in either 100% cotton or 100% Polyester. I prefer the cotton for absorbency when cleaning. 


This pattern assumes basic knowledge of C2C crochet. Pattern is worked in ch 5, hdc blocks.
Blo- backloop only

With scrubby yarn:

1.Ch 5, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and next two ch after. First block made.

2.Continue with 6 more rows of hdc blocks, or until one side measures 4 ½ inches wide.

3.Start decreasing on one side only. Make 8 more rows of hdc blocks or until your pad measures 10 inches long.

4.Decrease on both sides, and fasten off.


With regular cotton yarn:

1.Attach your yarn in top right corner with a slip stitch, ch1, sc in same stitch andevenly around the whole pad, join with a sl st into the blo of first sc made.

2.Ch1, in blo hdc in same stitch, 17 hdc in blo across, turn (18hdc)

3.Ch 1, working as normal in both loops, 1 hdc in same stitch, 17 hdc across, turn(18 hdc)

4.Repeat row three 6 more times for a total of 8 rows of 18 hdc, fasten off.

5.With a standing hdc (or ch1, hdc) attach your yarn, blo, on the right corner at the opposite end of the pad. Blo hdc 17 across (18 hdc)

6.Repeat row three 7 more times, DO NOT fasten off!


7.Fold your hdc rows over so the front loops of the blo row are facing out. I use
stitch markers to hold the folds in place. Fold should lay about 5 blocks down on the pad. You are going to sc the fold to the pad going upwards towards the blo row, ch1 at the corner and slip stitch across the front loops, ch 1 at the corner and sc 5 blocks down the other side. Continue to sc down the side of the pad and repeat with the other fold to meet back around to where you started. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

You can make these pads with or without the scrubby yarn. They can be turned inside out to use more than one side when cleaning! Great for the environment and your wallet! ❤ Lauren

©WaywardCatCreations2017-2018 All rights reserved. You may create and sell items made from my pattern, but do not copy as your own. Please link back to my pattern when selling online. Thank you!

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