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My Top 5 Crochet Resources and Blogs

It has been a long wait, but we finally got our house hold goods shipment! Which means we have all our crap back! I feel like I can finally get myself organized and back on track now that I have my laptop back. I still can’t fathom why I did not save it from being packed away with everything else. I will blame my mommy brain. Once you are afflicted there is no cure.

Its March 1st! A new month means a new start right?! It also happens to be National Crochet and National Craft Month! A perfect time to start a new craft or join the wonderful world of crochet which obviously has my vote. There are so many FREE resources available to get yourself started on a crafty path of awesomeness. Some of my favorite websites for learning new stitches, patterns, and techniques are:

#1 Pinterest

Of course Pinterest is at the top of my list! It is a well known black hole of the internet. It is an endless supply of links to various blogs, websites, and videos, you name it and its probably pinned there!

#2 Ravelry

If you don’t already have a Ravelry account, just go make one now. It is a wonderful community of crochet and knit designers, makers, teachers, and lurkers (like me, ha!). You will find an abundance of beautiful patterns there to choose from, both free and paid. You can also find me and my patterns there at WaywardCat25

#3 Moogly Blog

Tamera Kelly’s Moogly Blog is a great resource for learning anything new in crochet! Her video and photo tutorials are super easy to follow! You will also find a ton of free patterns there to have fun with.

#4 Repeat Crafter Me

I LOVE Sarah’s hat patterns! I have trouble with hat sizing, don’t ask me why because I haven’t figured that one out, but her hats always turn out spot on for correct sizing! Also her designs are incredibly cute and kid friendly.

#5 Amigurumi Patterns

Who doesn’t love some crochet amigurumi? Or have fun trying to say it out loud? This website is so full of cuteness that even your own children will seem ugly afterwards! Ha! Just kidding, but you will find llamas upon unicorns of free and paid patterns.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many different blogs, websites, and books out there to teach you and start (or continue) you on your crochet journey.  These just happen to be my personal favorite sites that I frequent daily for tips and tricks, practice and patterns. ❤ Lauren

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