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Pack-out Day!

I think I was in denial for a while about having to pick up our life and move again, but here we are!

Nothing quite like 5 burly Italian guys and a big moving truck arriving to throw me into reality!

This move is exciting and depressing all at once. We have met some absolutely wonderful people here during our time on Sicily, and had the wonderful opportunity to do some traveling around Europe. It’s hard to finally feel settled and at home just to turn around and do it all again. My two boys are still very little and do not fully understand what is going on, but my 4yo daughter is torn like I am between incredible enthusiasm for the new house (we built a house and will be closing soon! 😱) and seeing family, to being downcast at leaving her home , school, and friends.

We will only be a 4 hour drive to family that we have missed these last three years, and I will once again have easy access to major craft stores! Which means more amazing projects to come for this blog 😉

Moving is definitely a give and take where you can be thrilled for what the future holds, but at the same time dread exploring a new environment and leaving friends & family behind. I will refuse to say goodbye and instead kept that, “see you later”, mentality. To those friends and family I have made in the past few years, you’re stuck with me 😜❤️

Special shout out to my daisy plant! She is blooming one more time for me!

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