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The Bead Stitch

I have discovered a love for puff stitches. The texture and the way variegated yarns look with them just draws me in. Like fluffy, colorful clouds that I can create all by myself!

Which brings me to the bead stitch. It is a lot simpler than it looks! Basically a puff stitch wrapped around a double crochet, and it is worked in multiples of 2. Super simple and very versatile with an even stitch count! Easy breezy! So lets get out some yarn and start hookin’! 😉

We will start by chaining 11, 1 sc in the 2nd ch from hook, 9 sc across, turn.
Next we will chain 3 (counts as first dc), dc in next stitch img_6409

Now here comes the fun part! Yarn over your hook, and warp around the dc post, yo and pull up a loop, 3 times. You should now have a total of 7 loops on your hook.

Yo and pull through 6 loops, yo and pull through last 2 loops finishing off the stitch. Skip next stitch, 1 dc in the next.

Repeat the “bead” around your dc posts across to the end of the row. After the last bead, 1 dc in final stitch. img_6407

Easy, right?! I love how many ways you can use this stitch! And with an even stitch count it is simple to incorporate other stitches with it. img_6408

To give you an idea here is a swatch I made where I alternate rows of beads with sc, hdc, and then dc. The very bottom is 2 rows of beads stacked directly on top of each other.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! I love learning new stitches! To see a fuller effect of these beads in action you can check out my post here (the auction is over but this post showcases a shawl I made with the bead stitch; the pattern of said shawl is in the works!). You can also check out my most recent post, Basically Bead-y Chunky Cowl, a quick and easy, 1 skein pattern to practice this stitch with!

What will you make with the Bead Stitch? I would love to see what you make! Feel free to share your lovelies with me on Instagram and Facebook with #waywardcatbeadstitch

❤ Lauren

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