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Hurricane Shawl-y and Disaster Relief Auction

Today I would like to introduce Hurricane Shawl-y! My pun always intended husband came up with the name and it of course stuck! A couple of weeks ago above mentioned husband of mine surprised me with some GORGEOUS tonal yarn from Knit Picks! It is 100% merino wool, something I have not had the luxury to work with before. It’s soo incredibly soft!! And the colors he chose are complete eye candy to me!

So I set about getting my hooks all over this yarn to create something that would hopefully do this yarn some justice!


I tried plenty of stitches before the bead stitch really jumped out at me. In these colors, especially the grey, it reminded me of heavy winds and rainstorms. Throw in a hurricane hitting my home state of Florida, and Hurricane Shawl-y was born!


Baby models are the best!

As I mentioned, Florida is my home state and I have plenty of family there that were affected by Hurricane Irma. Thankfully they are all safe with minimal damage to their homes. Living so far away and watching events unfold back home has been hard, and I found myself wondering what, if anything, that I could do to help from where I am.

I am a maker, so I am going to do what I do best and MAKE! I will be hosting an online auction through my facebook page which can be found here.  Details about the auction will be posted and updated there so make sure to like/follow! All proceeds from the auction will be donated to 21 US Virgin Island Relief Fund. The Caribbean took the brunt of Irma’s wrath and should not be forgotten about when it comes to relief aid.

Hurricane Shawl-y will be up for auction! DSC_0029
Other items that will be available:

  • scarfs
  • hats *various sizes
  • mommy & me hat sets
  • daddy & me hat sets
  • blankets *various sizes
  • Fall themed decor
  • dish cloth sets
  • reusable swiffer pads

I will be publishing a pattern for Hurricane Shawl-y soon along with a bead stitch tutorial so don’t go far! 😉

❤ Lauren

Who needs a model when you’ve got kids!? lol



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