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“Light” hike and winery tour

Hello everyone in my wife’s blog-o-sphere!

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Tim

I am the hubby that she has talked about in previous posts, and I was fortunate enough to be gifted a kid free day to go on a hike and check out the Gambino Winery.

My wife schemed away with her friend to send my buddy Zak and I on a kid free day that includes some hooch! So, off we went on our merry way to the tour pick-up point at 8:30 this morning. We picked up some more people and our tour guide at a different spot and made our way up Mount Etna. Before we get to the hiking blurb, I would like to take a moment and highlight our late morning “brunch” stop.

We had the luxury of stopping in the beautiful town of Linguaglossa for a typical Sicilian breakfast. Cappuccino’s, pistachio gelato, all within the towns main square!21397336_1671472506220378_677538327_n

We had about 45 minutes to explore the town, which was as fanciful as you can get!

After that wonderful stop, we begrudgingly got back on the tour bus and made our way to the trail entrance. We no sooner got started on our hike than we had a few people succumb to some miscalculated steps (and unstable lava rock ground). This did not bode well for our light hike that we were promised.

So we hiked.

And we hiked…

And after two and a half hours, countless thorny blackberry vines, a few slip ups because of being off the hiking trail:


We made it to the Vineyard!!!!!!

So, we made it to the winery. Well, let me tell you; That winery is stunning. It is on the upper limits of how high a vineyard can grow (It’s situated about 2700 feet above sea level!). There is about 25 acres of grapes grown at the main vineyard, and then there are another 25 acres grown in the middle of Sicily

We get our first of many, many, many glasses of wine to taste and enjoy. We’re given a brief history of the winery, how its family owned (for over 35 years) and how the wines they grow all over the island are blended to produce the EIGHT different kinds of wine! Zak and I partake in some wine and enjoy the cool breeze and fresh crisp air.21325998_10155013426592711_1613234780_n

Then we head inside to finally get to eat. We stand in awe at the clean and spacious beauty of the winery. There are huge barrels all over the place. People are quiet chatting in different pockets here and there about the wines they’re tasting. Meanwhile, Zak and I are waiting “patiently” before we can dig in to our appetizer plate.


We tasted six different wines during the tasting. A Sicilian white wine that was crisp and delightful. An Italian white wine that was also crisp and supremely drinkable. You may be thinking, “Sicily is part of Italy?”. Well my friend, ask any Sicilian and they will proudly tell you that they are as much of an Italian as somebody from Switzerland. Sicilians wear their pride of their island for all to see. The typical foods they make, from the antipasti of grilled eggplant, to the pasta alla norma (pasta with a red sauce with grilled eggplant) to their masterful skills of cooking fresh swordfish, and to their delightfully crunchy, sweet, creamy cannoli.

I digress, we tasted the wines, told a few stories to the group we were with, enjoyed some wonderful sights, and had quite the very long day. By the end of it all both Zak and I were ready to get back to our wonderful wives and chaotic but adorable children. If you ever find yourself in Sicily, stop by Gambino winery. They will open their arms as if you are family and feed you until you are fit to burst! ¡Salud!


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